Recent Reviews

A Reaper Made

When Grace dies at the age of nineteen at the hands of a hit and run driver, a reaper by the name of Tully appears at her side. Her choices are to cross over or to become a reaper, herself. The nurse in training chooses the latter, always willing to help others.

Trouble in Loveland

Charlee Jensen has had a major crush on her next door neighbor, Ryan Carter, since the age of fourteen. Eight years her senior, Ryan marries Victoria when Charlee is seventeen before circumstances dictate that Charlee move.

PARANORMAL:  Seventeen-year-olds Becca and Kendall are Keepers and twenty-year-old Erik and fifteen-year-old Linnea are their Guardians, respectively.

Emily Buzzly-Cobb finds herself on an open-ended Hawaiian vacation after the breakup of her three-year marriage. Boston Rondibett, hired by Emily’s sister to show her sites that are off the beaten path, picks her up at the airport.

PARANORMAL:  Giselle Richards is a teenage foster kid and werewolf who has been bounced from placement to placement. Meeting the Hernandez family of Las Vegas may change that.