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Captain Nicholas Bonham’s return home to his family’s estate is a sad one.  Not only has his brother George died mysteriously in a riding accident, but the estate is on the verge of bankruptcy.  H

Sophia’s brother, Johann, and her best friend, Kristina, are getting married. She is happy for the two of them, but despairs of ever finding the love of her life. Then after the ceremony, she spies the most handsome man she has ever seen - it is love at first sight! Then she learns that he is Brandt Rodermark, who fought against her family in the recent war.

HISTORICAL:  Yeshua knows his destiny is bigger than himself, but wants Miri to be a part of that destiny from the moment he sets eyes on her in the marketplace.

Sarah Beth’s brother, Mark, has moved her to Oxford following a horrific accident.

Years ago, Jess had convinced her wolf clan that they would be stronger if they let her bond with a bear shifter.