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HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL:  Fifteen year old Riyah dreams of becoming a combat mage and attending the Academy. Though a lowborn without noble blood, she can succeed if given the chance. She and her twin brother Alex quickly discover the difficulty of the training and magic.

Soon after Judge Thomas Tremaine passes down a hanging sentence for the notorious gang of brothers known as the Briscoe boys, his family's safety is threatened.

SCIENCE FICTION: It’s Space Marine Martial Terrein’s mission to discover a hospitable world for humans to relocate - if necessary, by hostile means.  A viable planet is at last identified, but it’s

In medieval times, marriage was about political arrangements and those married were usually strangers at first.  Star-crossed lovers Freya MacKay and Ronan Sutherland had their happiness thwarted by a bloody feud.  Their clans were bitter enemies, so Freya did not see a future with the man she love

In The Land Of Gold
Angela Christina

Cora Colton, engaged to a wealthy, charming man from a good family, knows something is missing in her relationship but can’t put her finger on it. When she learns of her father’s sudden death, Cora travels to Tacoma to discover she is the new owner of his gold claim in Dawson City, Canada.