Recent Reviews

Shimmer (Breathe #2)

Chandler Raines is a teenager on the run. She and her dad frequently leave in the dark of night, from one city to the next leading them to Lafayette, Louisiana. The threat of discovery weighed heavily on every choice and decision she and her dad made…prior to Lafayette.

Recent college graduate Claire Davis has landed her dream job as a newscaster on the local news.

“A Dangerous Passion” opens with the western expansion of the railroads. Henry Stevens lives for the development of the Katy line; so much that he helps injured railroad workers with his own money.

Embers: The Wings of War 1
Karen Ann

“Embers” is a paranormal YA novel set in contemporary rural Smoky Mountains where rumors about strange creatures inhabiting the woods are part of the folklore. The gruesome deaths of a few good ol’ boys stirs up the talk.

Dreams Do Come True

“Dreams Do Come True” is a paranormal romance novel set in a rural backdrop of Macon County. Lynzi Lancaster is human while her fiancé Layne is a fae raised by humans. Werepanthers populate the surrounding woods, which is an issue since werepanthers and fae do not mix well.