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HISTORICAL:  Lilly Linton is a 19th-century suffragette and the story begins with her attempt to dress up as a man in order to vote.

Destroyed by Lies

Tara Steffen is getting ready for her anniversary cruise when she receives news that her husband, Tom, has been in a car accident and is in critical condition - except he’s in Pennsylvania and Tara has

Midnight Magic

Jessie Walsh has changed her identity and accepted a job as a cook and nanny on a ranch in faraway Texas, all in order to escape an abusive family situation.

The Witch Hunt (Where Dreams Come True#1)
Marie Higgins,
Dusti Miller

FANTASY:  The story’s prologue occurs in 1720 Salem, Massachusetts, with a cursed book snatching two teenage brothers from their world into a fantasy forest.

Lord Sheridan Zouche, playboy of 1817 London, has occupied beds of a number of widowed and married English ladies, leaving behind satisfied women and angry husbands.