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Perfectly Honest

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Dr. Mikaela Finn put herself through school painting house interiors with her friend Margo, who needs help finishing up a job. When the owner of the property comes home, his date jumps to conclusions and leaves in a huff.

PARANORMAL:  After losing her father, 17yr old Emma Bennett moves in with her aunt in a new town to finish her senior year of high school.  There she meets a 17-year-old Benjamin Parker, and discovers a deep connection and a sizzling attraction.


Kennedy has been lied to all her life - most noticeably by her parents, and as a result has been experimented on, among other things. Now she’s among the were-lynxes. Being a were-lynx herself, one would think it would be home to her.

Andy McNeilly is in a bit of a bind. Namely, she is forced to serve a vampire she hates, by the side of a werewolf she wants while also thinking about a certain were-leopard. Oh, and yeah, she is a shifter with more than one form and quite a few voices in her head to go along with them.

The Bionics (Bionics #1)

NEW ADULT/SCI-FI:  The beginning of the 41st century brings to America nuclear war and incredible technology enabling replacement of any part of the human body with bionics.