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Adelaide Townsend has just finished filming “Second Chances” but has no other projects in sight. Since she turned thirty, no one seems to have offers for the shapely, blonde actress. She has a dream though. Addy wants to start up her own production company. But she needs money and a script.

Jared Lippincott, sixth Duke of Wyndmere, has been doing damage control since becoming duke. His brother Oliver, the previous duke, soiled the family name by having numerous affairs with married women and bankrupting the estate. Jared has refreshed the family coffers and is currently working on restoring the family name so his sister will be able to wed a proper gentleman.

Three years ago after learning she has breast cancer, Qiana Apachito abruptly ends her rocky relationship with her boyfriend. Blindsided by their breakup, Gage Youngblood is still nursing his broken heart when Qiana calls about a corpse found on a reservation.

Kiera Rossard, vampire leader of The Nightshade League, secretly saves werewolves from her own people's experiments and executions. Michael Durand, legendary werewolf general, is rumored to be insane but known to be an extremely dangerous vampire hunter. While saving a lone werewolf from capture, Kiera and her partner are shocked to discover their target is the feared vampire killer.

If instant attraction was flammable, Quinn's and Liam's blazing chemistry would be a forest fire! Quinn, a high school biology teacher, and Liam, a restaurant owner, flirt with each other during a book club meeting at his establishment. When Quinn returns after hours to retrieve one of her girlfriend's belongings, a single kiss turns into an unexpectedly explosive, breathtaking tryst!