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The Reiver’s Cub

As Aleck Maxwell storms the castle, Bess promises her cousin Mary that she will never allow him to see his newborn son. Bess disappears with the child, Dexter, winding up at a school for training boys in the art of fighting, run by Callum MacFee and Bess. Ten year old Dexter, whose parents never wed is an outcast, and “bastard” is often on the lips of his classmates.

The MacCray and Robson clans have been feuding for three hundred years. No one remembers why anymore; they just accept it. Marshall Robson is tired of the feud and decides to take matters into his own hands, even though his brother, Elgin, is the Laird.

Tansy is Gemma’s alter ego. Somewhere in time, this paranoid, agoraphobic personality takes over and allows Gemma to emerge for a few hours to do errands away from the house. Gemma herself has amnesia and is puzzled when Olly at the store says she should be in the slammer. Tansy is the keeper of their memories and she steadfastly refuses to tell Gemma what is going on.

The Lonely Vampire

HORROR:  In 1578, Ileana Vladislava fled Transylvania in the midst of locals eradicating vampires from the region and re-established herself in Newcastle upon Tyne. Now, a hundred years later, Ileana lives a lonely existence in the castle of Wightwick Hall.

Roman’s Revenge

The image of courage, nobility and strength, Jax Roman is in charge of his own world. A clever mind and agile body propelled him to the head of his SEAL class, and now, at the pinnacle of his game, he leads his own team. That is until the Lobos Cartel sets out to eliminate him. The lovely and compassionate Dr.