Recent Reviews

Bonded For Life

Lola Getz has never forgotten her first love. Webster Bond was a boy she fell for in high school, but their romance was cut short when she had to return to Mexico following the death of her parents. Years have passed, and Lola, now a celebrated artist, is terrorized when armed men break into her home.

When a group of fifth graders experiment with a new drug on a camping trip, the result is tragic, and it devastates a small town. Ken Parks, Assistant Superintendent, is determined to figure out where the kids got the drugs, and prevent another tragedy happening to anyone else. When an arrest is made, Ken is convinced that they have not caught the right person.

Pulse: Book 2

Eric Wright has been in exile after being removed from the company he co-founded, Pulse, after he disagreed with their practices. When tragedy strikes at a festival, Eric is approached by his ex-business partner, Mark Sharpe, who wants to right the wrongs he has done and bring Pulse in line with Eric’s vision, what it should be.

The Last Golden Isle

Clare Matthews has been through a lot in her life. Trauma from when she was in college now means she tends to keep men at a distance. Finding herself on one of Georgia’s Golden Isle’s, she is surprised when she meets a security guard, Jon, who is tall, stern, and there is something about him that she cannot shake.

Anita Goodman and Patrick O’Leary find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation, and it is a far cry from the smooth floor of the dance floor they’re both used to. Both will learn truths about one another – and others – that they never thought possible.