Recent Reviews

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Parker is ready to marry her longtime boyfriend and is in the dress at the church when he confesses he’s not ready. Fleeing the heartbreak and embarrassment, Parker nearly collides with a car when a handsome stranger pushes her out of the way and upends her life for the second time in one day.

Jordyn Dunaway has returned home to her family’s Montana ranch after ten-years. But Christmas is very different this year after the loss of her father. To recreate the special holiday magic the ranch is known for, Jordyn will need all the help she can get. Chad Devlin has struggled to cope after an injury in the line of duty leaves him physically and mentally torn.

A Heart of Gold

Tava Rutherford has barely held her family ranch together while her father searches for gold in Klondike, Canada. But when she receives an old letter with word that her father is ill and dying, she can no longer wait at home. Jess Lawmen has loved Tava for years, but some mistakes in his past haunt him, and he has spent the last few years quietly loving Tava and supporting her as a friend.

A lot can change in ten years. As teenagers, Remy Lambert and Jennifer Morgan found love but were not ready to commit to one another or the daughter they brought into the world. Years later, Jennifer is now a school counselor, engaged to an ambitious assistant D.A. and sister to her daughter, Emily, who her parents adopted at birth.

REGENCY:  Lady Isabella Beauchamp has every opportunity in life, beautiful, clever and with a handsome dowry, her brother sees no reason she cannot make a perfect match by the end of the season.