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NEW ADULT:  Mira and Danny have been in love almost from the day they met, freshman year of college. Along with their two best friends, Kylee and Skylar, they’ve grown closer and closer as the years pass by.

Abigail watched as her father, Lord Bradford, was murdered in front of her just over a decade ago, and she knows for a fact that the man hung for the crime was not the right one.  She knows because she’s just seen the murderer outside her home in Mayfair.

Jayden and Lula have been together since their early teen years, but a motorcycle accident that destroyed his up-and-coming baseball career and took him from college, is colliding with her continuing art education at the same school.

An Irresistible Shadow
Kirsten S.

On the English side of the border, Evelyn, daughter of a Baron, has been allowed to do as she pleases her whole life. And she pleases to learn how to be a Baron, not a Lady. Knowing she needs to marry, her father and her cousin, Madeline, attempt to get her to reconsider never marrying.

DARK FANTASY:  Kyra is a runaway dragon, living in a carnival hidden from human sight. Her friend, Sebastian, is a carnie as well, but she doesn’t know what he is. The carnival chooses who to let in, and is constantly changing locations, both within and without its foggy borders.