Recent Reviews

Sophia Lancaster does not have the stomach for her job. Getting calls at all hours to rescue children from horrible situations and placing them with children’s services is not sitting well.

TIME TRAVEL:  It’s 1987, and stressed-out American Paul Dewitt is getting some R&R in Port Royal, Jamaica, when his walk on the beach is interrupted by a sudden storm.

A Timely Romance

Dressed in a historically accurate medieval costume, a young widow visits a modern-day town that reenacts the days of medieval England.

Wedding Day

Dallas Day is a famous rodeo bull rider, temporarily hampered by a broken wrist. He’s recuperating at the family home in Frisbee, Texas, along with his parents and his brother. He’s a bit bored with the downtime, until his brother bets him he can’t get the new animal vet in town to date him.

MYSTERY:  Five friends are playing cards at Mark’s spare apartment, waiting for Daniel to finish making khash, a special Armenian dish.