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A Very Daring Christmas

Actress Cameron Kelly deceives baseball star Jake Ryder into going onsite to several poverty-stricken areas that will be aided by UNICAN, a charity for whom she is the spokeswoman. He is attracted to her and decides he wants to ask her out, but will stick to his three-date rule. After a disastrous night with Cameron, Jake vows to avoid her at any cost, and she feels the same way towards him.

Wrong place, wrong time. This summarizes the cruel turn of events that forced Meg Johnson into a life of solitude and fear. Once a promising chef, she now lives in fear, hiding in a new town without a soul to call friend besides her elderly neighbor.

WOMEN'S FICTION/INTERRACIAL:  In the thick of changes with a toddler and an infant, Laney and Mads found it hard adjusting to the changes their second child brought. Day in and day out, the demands of life seemed to pull and tug at their bonds of love that they believed to be ironclad.

Phantom Heart

WOMEN'S FICTION/CHICK-LIT:  "Phantom Heart" was an emotional journey initially, through the stages of grief after Rachel lost her husband, Luke, suddenly in a tragic accident. Her ache was raw and all consuming.

Cathedral ‘Cat’ McCormick has an unusual gift. She’s a dreamslipper; able to go into the dreams of others. While visiting Miami, she finds herself thrust into a murder investigation when her Uncle is the prime suspect in the murder of his best friend.