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“Ji Feng: The Wind That Brings These Rains” a non-fiction account of one American G.I’s thoughts and experiences in China.

In the third Jamie Quinn Mystery, our protagonist once again finds herself with some trouble when someone to threaten her and her boyfriend, Kip Simons.

Cold Ambition

Jordan James needs a case - any case; anything that will help kick off her career as a private investigator. She didn't expect to find it through a run in with an actor on a bike, however. Nor did she imagine that it would conclude with her facing a gunman on a rooftop!

In the Mirror

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Jennifer Benson should have had all the time in the world:  with a successful business, perfect family, and plenty of friends, death should not have been something to worry about.

The Tithe

Joshua Barstow, a crippled orphan raised among her town’s holy women, has come to terms with the fact that she will be a tithe: one of seventy people chosen to represent ten towns, who go to a bunker in the desert where each night one of them will be taken by the angels in a