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Conflicting Hearts
J. D.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  “Conflicting Heartstakes place in contemporary Portland, Oregon.

Shadow in Glass
J. Rose

ALTERNATE HISTORY:  “Shadow in Glass starts with an explosion in Carrie

Deep Enough to Bleed

NEW ADULT/WOMEN'S FICTION:  After Jolene and Adams drug-addicted mother abandons them, their father takes out his frustrations on his children.

The Gossamer Trail

MYSTERY:  What does a single woman do when some strange man comes barging into her house without knocking? Hitting them on the head with a skillet might not be the best choice, but it is the only one that Beth Jago felt she had.

Bruce Coldwell is an award-winning bass fisherman and best friends with triathlete Crista Johnson. When Bruce comes to visit Crista in between tournaments, he decides he wants Crista to hook him up with her beautiful next-door neighbor.