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Keeping Faith

WESTERN:  Tom Henderson’s mother - a convicted murderer, whore, and drunk - is coming to live near him. He hates her, but feels guilty for it, so decides to set up her in a home while he works as an uneducated ranch hand.

Bigger Things

Best friends for years, Jen, Chelsea, and Kyra have moved through life with some serious burdens, each unaware of what the others hide. There have been a few hiccups along the years, though none of them looked too deeply; except with Jen.

Finding Salvation (The Finding Series #1)
Elizabeth Hayes
Ashlee Taylor

At 13, coming out the foster system with parents willing to adopt both of them, Madison and Charlotte, and new brother Donovan, form friendships stronger than blood. At least, that’s what Charlotte has always believed.

Better Than Okay

Destiny Michaels, her cousin Dorian, and her lifelong friend Brian have been in and out of each other’s lives for years, and all end up living in Miami. Destiny loves music and writes about the music scene for a magazine.

REGENCY:  Marcus, Earl of Killingworth, has moved himself and his ward to the country in hopes of becoming a better uncle and new man. His reputation, unfortunately, precedes him to his nearly ruined estate. No one believes him to be reformed, or that his nephew is his complete opposite.