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Gambler's Choice

Becca MacQuaid crossed the pond to find a horse - an equine soul mate. At an event with a friend, she sees the horse she wants - however his owner, Austen Heath, informs her that the horse is not for sale.

Alone. Angry. Lost. Asher Beaumont had nothing and no one to lean on except for Melody, his childhood best friend.

Corinne Treyton has admired her boss Blake Lexington from afar for years. Hiding her inner wild child with a shy-girl facade, Cori keeps her true self hidden for fear that Blake won’t like who she really is.

EPIC FANTASY:  The Red Comet signals the start of the Battle Immortal, the long-awaited fight between the Light and the Dark.

Memories of a Ghost

There is a storm brewing, and Claire Summers is at the center of it. Awakening in a clinic with no memory of who she is, a terror-stricken Claire eludes security and the woman claiming to be her best friend.