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Second Chance Love

Elizabeth Coleman is a retro gal who finds solace in used books, a good cup of coffee, and her cat Sebastian. Steve Larson lives the life of the rich and famous with extravagant cars, money to throw away and a relationship with an artificial intelligence known as Suzi.

Prodigal Gun
Kathleen Rice

Jessamine Caine has loved and lost. First her parents, the woman who raised her, the man she loved, the man who saved her, and now possibly the only vestige of the Caine family’s legacy, the Hard Eights Ranch. 


ADVENTURE/COMEDY:  The world is coming to an end. The catalyst? The Internet disappears. 


A Brutal Betrayal

The past has a nasty way of haunting the soul. The past often repeats itself as well, or draws the mind into remembering even when it doesn’t want to. Megan Verona wanted to be helped.

Logan and Grace were college sweethearts; separated when Grace decided to leave to live in New York with the father she’d never met, leaving Logan behind.