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Forever Mine

HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Victoria Ashton is transported back to 1897 where she is mistaken for the Countess of Guilford, an unfaithful, ruthless woman who has been missing for three weeks.

Clay Andrews hasn’t recovered from losing his daughter Hope to leukemia. The last thing he wants to do is let another woman into his life after he ended his marriage to the heartless woman who left him and their dying daughter six months before her death.

Celebrity reporter Kellie has never told her husband that she dated now-famous rock star AJ Dangerfield of the band Danger Game. They were teens when they dated and the more she hears of AJ, the more temptation is beginning to get the better of her.

He’s done it before, but now, he’s really done it. This time he could lose everything - his ship, his crew and his livelihood.

Her Greatest Risk

Losing a family member at a young age plays a large role in determining the person you become. Such is the case for Jennifer Aukland, an architect who restores and develops interiors for new and historic buildings.