Recent Reviews

The Squandered

Bruno Johnson’s stellar career in law enforcement ended abruptly one night when he stepped over the line.  He is now making a life for himself and his girlfriend caring for “rescued” kids in Costa Rica.  Just as life seems happy again, however, Bruno is given a letter from his estranged and incarce

Immortal Kiss

Ever since she can remember, a mist has looked over Beth and kept her from harm. When she meets Phillipe Delon, a vampire with a human soul, she is convinced that he is the mist that has been protecting her.

As they’re traveling on the Oregon Trail, Lucy Haskell meets Dr. Gideon Faraday and there is an immediate connection between them. Lucy is more than happy to share stories with her traveling companion and talk his ears off.

Vidar Bjornson needs a teacher to give his men lessons on being a gentleman, so he hires someone who he thinks is suitable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as planned when Noelle Bridger is sent instead as a prank by Bjornson’s brother. It’s not long before his men are all over her.

Search for the Truth

Journalist Tess Johnson is working on a story about Helix Pharmaceutical Company. She suspects they are producing a harmful drug and doing nothing about it. She makes the decision to take a job at the company and get the evidence she needs.