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GOTHIC HORROR:  Gwynneth Reese discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she packed up her things, moved to San Francisco and became roommates with her best friend, Seth. Ignoring her painting and Art History degree she starts work at a retirement home and realizes she loves it. She’s upset when one particular resident passes away alone on a stormy night.

PARANORMAL:  “Star Catcher” is a story about finding true love and fighting to keep it. The main characters – Kellen and Cali – have to overcome insurmountable odds in order to claim their birthrights and live happily ever after. Set in two universes, this fast-paced tale takes you through battles, the discovery of a prophecy, and journeys of self-discovery.

“Just One Look” is an action-packed romance sure to pull the reader in immediately!  The main characters (FBI agent Drew Davenport and Mia Alvarez, an independent businesswoman) come from different financial backgrounds but because of her brother’s marriage to Drew’s sister, they meet and find themselves instan

Stealing Atlanta
Cary Allen

“Stealing Atlanta” is a cybercrime caper following Brandyn “Woody” Wood and hi

Chelsea Whitaker is a hard-working girl and loves her job at one of the hottest clubs in Philadelphia, where her coworkers are more like family than friends. Chelsea is saving up to pay off her car and get her own apartment.