Recent Reviews

A Mighty Good Man
Rebecca E.

Hank Jerry has hit the rough patch in the road and needs to get back on her feet. Jack Darcy is running from his past - and literally does just that - running right into Hank one morning. He leaves her seconds to make a choice that will change her life forever, and as usual, she takes a giant risk.

HISTORICAL:  Fiona Robinson suffers the horrible social illness of low self-esteem, fostered by her misunderstanding of the things others say. As she seeks a husband during the Season she thinks she is about to be granted her wish when her world is flipped upside down by the Braithwaite twins.

NEW ADULT/PARANORMAL/SPORTS:  Breena is an intelligent young woman who makes a living reading tarot cards at the sorority parties at her college. But Breena doesn’t need to guess about people’s future: she can actually see it when she touches people.

FANTASY:  “Bronze Fox” is anything but an ordinary, run-of-the-mill paranormal romance story. One gets nothing of the alpha hero syndrome or the over-the-top angst readers might expect from this genre.

The Day the Words Went Away

COMEDY:  Peter is a loveable, funny nerd with a theory: creativity is dead; there are no original ideas left in the world.