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Four years ago, Jack Slaughter’s family was decimated. His child and the family dog were, pardon the pun, slaughtered in his kitchen; and his wife vanished – then he killed a cannibalistic serial killer in his living room. Now a man commits suicide in Jack's abandoned home. Oh yeah, his confidante, Father Nick, has passed.

Nolan is a rising star detective among the Nashville wolf marshals. Living with a shameful family secret, he's on a personal mission to clear his dead brother's name of the horrific Tucker family slaughter, which included Sadie, his unclaimed mate.

Lavender Moon

Summer camp is where Kaleb and Luna meet as young children, and return for many summers thereafter. Camp is Kaleb’s escape from his broken home, and Luna becomes his only friend. Luna’s mother a recovering addict, and Kaleb, who is being raised by his hard working grandfather, play big parts in who they become.

Motion of Intervals
Kristy McGinnis
Narrator: Amy J. Johnson

CONTEMPORARY: Kenna Shepherd is the daughter of America’s sweetheart – Tessa Shepherd – and has always lived in her mother’s shadow. When a mistake gets her expelled from school and publicly shamed, Kenna knows her mother will never let her hear the end of it. She needs an escape, and that comes in the form of an email from the woman who birthed her: Rachel.

The Unexpected Hostage

Tess Bennett lost her fiancé, Kyle MacTavish, in a terrible car accident a year ago. Still drowning in grief, she throws herself into work. Called to an international conference in place of her boss, David Kingsley, she finds herself thrust into the hands of dangerous cyber terrorists – along with Dr. Mark Nygaard – after watching her mentor, Riku, shot down next to her.