Recent Reviews

Keeper of the Gate

Moira MacBeith has lost both her mother and brother, and she’s taken over as the right-hand woman to her father, the chief Iain MacBeith, along with her two sisters. After her father is slain in the battle against Rory MacLeod, everything changes in a heartbeat. A scheme is hatched as no one can know he perished in the battle till they have a plan.

Rag Lady

A future journalism grad student, Holly Schlivnik gets sidetracked by a family emergency and sucked into the family business of being a ladies’ apparel sales rep with her father, Mike. She and her father work hard together and expand the territory with a rebranding as Daddy N’ Me.

HISTORICAL: Every matchmaking mother in London seeks Richard Harwood, the sixth Duke of Bentley, for her daughter. His coffers are overflowing, and his title adds to his desirability. However, he has no plans to wed. When visiting Lord Devere, he overhears a young woman talking politics. Impressed by her knowledge, he looks to see her and finds she is stunning.

Scarlett wears shadows like a comfortable coat, and has hidden from society since both her parents were murdered by the Royal Police for being talented. Scarlett portrays her friend, Georgette Ward, jewel of the social season at a ball to flush out the assassin making threats to her life.

Dorothea Barbant has been kidnapped by Roderick Westinghouse with the assistance of her father, and managed a daring escape in the carriage storage box of Colonel Lionel (Lion) O’Toole and Corporal Blythe. Lion is thought to be illegitimate, and discovers some surprising family secrets from the Earl of Ruthford, his grandfather.