Recent Reviews

Obsession Down Under

Jessica Butler-Reid fears she’ll step into her mother’s footsteps - organizing bake-offs and gathering money for the church’s charities, all the while playing devoted wife to her minister husband.

Dangerous Secrets

REGENCY:  “Dangerous Secrets” takes place in Italy in the 1820s, and the book makes good use of its setting, describing Rome in vivid detail, and adding in the conflict between the various city-states and the frequent power struggles, creating a turbulent environment for the heroine, Nora Haley.

SCI-FI:  Human Laura Howard is adjusting to her life on Tolar, the recent loss of her husband, and the gaining of a lover in Tolari ruler, the Paran.  The blessing of the matriarch of all the rulers of Tolar has given her renewed youth and empathic ability she has to learn to master.

PARANORMAL:  Tina Greene's life has changed drastically over the past few months. The loss of her husband, coupled with her mother's betrayal and a budding relationship with a former fling, have her head and heart spinning.

Headed for the Win

EQUESTRIAN:  Nadia Wells, 17, wanted one thing more than anything else - a horse. Unlike most girls her age, boys, school, and her social life were not at the top of her list of concerns. Her top priority was to own a horse.