Recent Reviews

The Witch Hunt (Where Dreams Come True#1)
Marie Higgins,
Dusti Miller

FANTASY:  The story’s prologue occurs in 1720 Salem, Massachusetts, with a cursed book snatching two teenage brothers from their world into a fantasy forest.

Lord Sheridan Zouche, playboy of 1817 London, has occupied beds of a number of widowed and married English ladies, leaving behind satisfied women and angry husbands.

Matti James is a forensic reconstruction artist (think Angela Montenegro on Bones) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tell (The Heckmasters #3)

Tell Heckmaster has been searching for a way to stop his demon blood from overcoming his humanity.

When Haszard’s friend is murdered, the family asks him to look into the matter. Against the advice of his other friends, he starts asking questions and unearthing secrets that people would’ve preferred stay buried.