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Miss Lucy Beresford waited patiently for six years for her bridegroom to finally take her to the altar as promised. However, her patience has run out, and she travels to London to force his hand. Unfortunately, the groom is missing and Lucy’s only chance to find him is with his best friend, a notorious rake, Lord Montague.

Penelope Reid is terrified of flying and attempting to ignore her terror, she babbles her life story and a ton of her inner secrets to her seat mate, assuming she’d never see him again. Except, it turns out something about the single mother in her late 40s appeals to the doctor beside her, and two months later, Jacob Williams arrives in the town of Roses as the new pediatrician.

HISTORICAL: It’s the height of the American Civil War, and Roswell, Georgia, is in the path of Union soldiers. Widow Sofie Bishop struggles to hold on to the ruins of her family home, and accepts a humble job at the town’s woolen mill.

Georgiana Beresford comes from a large family of beautiful women, and she is no exception. She, however, is determined never to marry without love.

At What Cost, Silence?
Karen Lynne

HISTORICAL: It’s 1849 and Adrien Villere lives in Washington, Texas, on a tobacco plantation with his family and their slaves. Adrien knew his slaves are free, even though everywhere else they were indentured vassals. Adrien must keep it a secret that the serfs that work on the family farm are independent, but he must keep up the front that they serve his family.