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Covert Identity

Sharon Vaughan is minding her own business on a peaceful Sunday afternoon drive to Wal-Mart when she is rudely interrupted by an attractive man on the largest, loudest motorcycle she can imagine.  He has the audacity to follow her to the store, introduce himself as Jimmy Shaw, and invite her for a ride on the offending bike.  Sharon has a bad impression of biker gangs and wants to keep away fro

MYSTERY:  Detective Andrea Nox returns to the Beacon City Police Department to help solve the murder of a well-known and well-liked politician and his son.

Ryn meets Lucas the day before her first art show at a friend’s gallery in New York City.

PARANORMAL:  Eiress, Princess of the Damned, has survived on the Isle for fourteen years. Hers is a world of nightmares that Landon sees with the help of any mirror.


Cecilia Gage lands a job as a housekeeper for best-selling author Mark Andrews. As she settles into the household she reaches out to Mr.