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Former Army Ranger and Chimera-shifter Connor Gunn and his twin brother Tyler have just been released from prison.

TIME TRAVEL:  Amara Mattersley has only ever wanted to be free from the nineteenth-century society where she is judged and ridiculed.

Sleeping with Elvis

Although Pepper Langley has a fear of both flying and traveling on a boat she and her boyfriend, Derek, have scrimped and saved all year for their vacation to Florida, which includes a charter boat trip to Key Lime Island.  Pepper isn’t happy with the selfish and womanizing Derek and sees this trip as a last ditch attempt at improving their relationship.  Meanwhile on Key Lime Island, Elvis imp

It’s Christmas Eve and Carrie Sanders is hurrying through the airport to catch her flight home when she accidentally bumps into a soldier with bright green eyes also heading home for Christmas.  They part

The Countess Intrigue
Wendy May

Enduring her second Season as her matchmaking mama looks for a suitable husband for her, Lady Elizabeth Castleton hopes to either marry for love or to gain her independence when she reaches twenty-one.  W