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HISTORICAL/FANTASY:  Fifteen-year old Lady Fenella is no stranger to responsibility. As Thanes of Thorbourn she spends her days mitigating disputes and avoiding conflict with rival clans.

Alicia McKennon is losing her mind, or so she thinks. For the past several days, she finds herself drawn deep into the woods behind her village.

Eleanna Welsh was abandoned by her father, Marios, at a young age. Memories of her past come flooding back after her father dies and a lawyer contacts her about an inheritance.

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Chadwick (Chad) De Lohr is to save a distant cousin through marriage from being captured by King Henry.  The cousin, Alessadria (Aless) De Shera has been separated from family while living

Highland Archer

The story centers on Valent, who was abandoned at a young age at the keep of the Clan McLeod.  Valent works his way up into the laird’s guardsmen.  He looks to Ariana, the laird’s daughter, as his one true love but knows due to her nobility and the lack of status as an orphan in the guard that it can never be.