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Six years after Mick’s wife, Annie, passed away and started having chats with him from beyond the grave, she decides it’s time for a change. While the ghostly chats helped ease the pain, Mick is still stuck in despair that Annie knows only a new love can help heal, and more importantly it’s beyond time for the both of them to move on.

A Room in Blake’s Folly
J. Arlene
TIME TRAVEL: Over the past one hundred and thirty-three years, the small upstairs room in the Mizpah Saloon has seen its fair share of stories both lovely and tragic pass through. But, in this mysterious room, one love that missed its chance seems to linger on.

Percival is the Earl of Plymouth and his aunt is demanding that he marry. After what happened to his parents, marriage is the last thing on his mind. So his friend helps him procure an actress and plans to be caught in a compromising position. He hopes that as a result, the requests for marriage will cease.

Lady Honora made one mistake and now she is paying for it. While her betrothed was fighting in the war, she ends up dancing with a handsome stranger. She jilts her betrothed and marries this man who she believes has the best intentions, but it turns out he is abusive. The only way to protect herself and her unborn child is to fake her own death and go into hiding.

Star of Wonder (2021 Holiday Romance Collection #1)
Chasity Bowlin, Caroline Lee, Meara Platt, Alexa Aston, Emily EK Murdoch, Elisa Braden, C.H. Admirand, Nicole Locke,
Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Abigail Bridges, Veronica Crowe, E. Elizabeth Watson, and Anna Markland

ANTHOLOGY: Star of Wonder is a collection of historical novellas that are inspired by classic Christmas Carols. For instance, “The 12 Days of Christmas” song is the inspiration behind Luke St. Clair when he gives his wife a new Christmas gift each day leading up to the most heartwarming gift of all!