Recent Reviews

Beauty and the Spymaster

Helena Duncombe is infamous in the ton as a high-class courtesan with scandalous fashions, wit, and charm. Her marriage to the Lord Chauncey should have secured her for life.

The Magpie Chronicles

SHORT STORIES:  A clever collection of short stories based on the English “Magpie Rhyme”, “The Magpie Chronicles” gives each line of the poem a different story based on the number of magpies the characters see. The poem reads, “One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret, never to be told.

The Soul Mate Search
Morgan K.

Although she enjoys a successful career, love has eluded Nina for years until one day a mysterious fortuneteller tells her she has already met her soul mate.  Three times, in fact!

Love on Loch Ness

The Loch Ness monster has drawn hundreds to the loch in Scotland, but this time a trio of scientists are determined to put all the speculation and myths to rest. However, their goals differ. Dr.

Dancing with Raven

PARANORMAL:  Tori is preparing to leave school and become a professional ballerina. Hunting mythical creatures only she can see is not on her to do list. But despite her determination, she can’t ignore the growing number of demons appearing in her home of L.A.