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My Serenity

Seth is in the middle of an internship when his father suddenly passes away, requiring him to return to his home near San Francisco to help his mother. His father’s death is unexpected and turns his family upside down.


All Mortimer Angel wants to do is shed the skin of his previous incarnation as a disaffected IRS field agent, and begin his exciting new life as a Private Investigator. Full of fanciful ideas and preconceived notions of what being a P.I.

Just a Few Inches
St. Pierre

Carrie Roberts is a high school cheerleader who allows her self-esteem issues to get the best of her, taking an excessive amount of diet pills to fit into the perfect dress - the one dress that will impress her boyfriend Troy and make her nemesis Janelle green with envy.

Manuel Batista is a contractor that comes to Texas seeking respite from the chilly winter winds of Chicago. Deciding to vacation at an R.V. park seems like the perfect way to unwind, until he meets the park's owner, Catalina Reyes, and relaxing becomes the last thing on his mind!

Season, Unforgettable

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Season lost her parents at a young age, and was raised by her grandfather on the property she inherited from her parents – beautiful acres of land that she loves to explore and photograph.