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As the last of his kind, Drakkon Garion Gold lives a secluded life in Norway. Torn between two worlds, Garion hides from those who seek his blood and will use it to save humanity. He holds great power, but the cost of using it is too great. Helena White is determined to destroy the Drakkon who killed her family.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Maris is still dreaming of becoming a Broadway star. Until she gets there, however, she has to deal with regular everyday issues — just like everyone else. Past love comes knocking in the form of Trevor, who is still interested, and Kyle, who wants her back. Then there is the new potential interest, Zak.

PARANORMAL/HORROR:  In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a virus, Blackwater is one of the last colonies remaining on earth. When residents start dying, the survivors blame the Night Walkers for breaking their treaty.

Free Leaf Concepts in Little Rock, Arkansas, has offered Kay Bing a top management position. She is a talented designer and this job will certainly boost her career. She accepts and quickly learns the dynamics of the team members she’s to work with. Her assistant, Oliver, is handsome, in a distracting way, but she has a job to do.

Caught Between Two Worlds

Finally, Veronica is on a plane that will take her to Egypt. She's been looking forward to this trip — unfortunately, Peter, her boyfriend of five years, is much less excited to see the sand, the Red Sea and feel the heat of the desert. Peter’s attitude is not going to ruin her trip, so she makes plans for a sunset horseback ride alone.