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Kylie James is a country music star, a divorcée and a broken soul. Ten years ago, after her husband Noah had come back from Iraq with PTSD and he pushed her away. Now he’s back in her life heading up her security, trying to find the new stalker imitating the one already behind bars.

The Guardian, a Sword, & Stilettos
Kristin D.
Van Risseghem

Zoe Jabril just discovered she is a lot more than just the average teenager. In fact, almost everyone she knows is more than that. Her best friend is also her guardian angel. Talk about awkward emotional conflict!

The Call of the Raven

MEDIEVAL:  Morgan MacLeod is a man of honor. On his way home after a long journey he happens across a mortally wounded man and takes on the duty of carrying the news of the man’s demise to his family.

Mythology will never be the same after the discovery that gods still walk upon this earth and mythological creatures own an inn in Georgia. Daphne is a nymph, captured by Apollo, who wants her for himself. She wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

Company Ink

The setting: Wynne’s Kitchen, an upscale bakery with a rich sweetness that cannot be denied. The cast: Two people, hurt by love in the past, struck by instant passion in a sugary second.