Recent Reviews

Chiara's Choice
Chalon Linton

A sweeping historical romance, Italian fire meets British composure and produces sparks of attraction so powerful, neither Chiara Madero, the daughter of an Italian baron, or Mr. Abraham Jamison, a second born gentleman can resist them. At least not for long.

Mal and her team are determined to put the gangster Dessi in jail once and for all, but after a string of dead ends, they are running out of leads.

The Scarred Santa
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

INSPIRATIONAL: Rafe Sullivan retired from the Marine Corps, scarred, injured, and with PTSD from his last tour in Afghanistan. Once a handsome and social man, he now lives a solitary life, hiding even from the love and attention of his family. He changes jobs often and finds little purpose in life.

Detective “Mal” Malone thought she had everything under control, but suffice it to say that her life takes somewhat of an interesting turn. With a new employee taking over her office and a wannabe detective thrown into the mix, it does not make for a convenient or calm work space.

Salvation 1: Exodus
Kate L. Mary

Tessa has come to terms with the fact that she will die when the world is destroyed. Her last salvation comes in the form of Ty who puts everything on the line to get her onto the last ship leaving earth and going into the galaxy. What was meant to be their second chance becomes a fight for their lives when everything that can go wrong does go wrong.