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Aurorette “Rory” Arrington has a new British boyfriend, Peter Ryder, and a brand-new job. The only problem—they are over 3,000 miles away from each other. Just after getting together in California, Rory and Peter are separated as Rory dives headfirst into her Boston job.

Jag Peters is a computer geek who believes in karma, one who intends to keep his slate clean. Driving home and distracted by work, he nearly wipes out a biker. He must apologize. He follows the blazing red Harley to a biker bar, the last place he feels comfortable. Inside, Jag discovers the “guy” he nearly killed is actually a girl—a mysterious, dark-haired beauty.

The Reluctant Scot

Catriona Dewar is a widow who has vowed never to marry again. A myopic Scot, she instead devotes her life to acting as scribe and advisor to a Scottish laird. Shy, Catriona is not. When she stumbles across a fierce Norman warrior about to be captured, the widow steps in to rescue the man. Sparks of desire flare between them instantly, escalated by stolen kisses.

WESTERN: After Cam Miller sells the family ranch in Granite Junction, Montana, and buys a leatherworking business in Wyoming, he is excited to be moving away from the hatred of the people of this small town and beginning anew. On his way to his farewell party, Molly asks to meet up with him. She drops a bomb on Cam; she is pregnant with his baby.