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The Lament of Sky

STEAMPUNK/DARK FANTASY:  Lilyth is suffering from amnesia; her memories include only the last year of her life and no further. One night her world is turned upside down, and Lilyth is rescued from certain death by William.

Grace Daniels is hiding out. After her sister Julianna is beaten and left comatose, Grace takes on the responsibility of caring for her sister's four children. Vowing to keep them safe from the clutches of their father, she seeks respite at the home of a friend.

Monica Beggs

Monica Beggs is the world's most recognizable porn star, so it comes as no surprise when Finn Daniels immediately recognizes her famous face at the airport. What is a surprise, however, are the four thugs tailing her.

PARANORMAL:  Julian MacTavish’s promise to a friend has led him to lying to his wife Patience. Her already fragile self-esteem takes a beating when those lies, helped along by a viperous woman, make it seem as if Julian has cheated on her.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After the last few years of supernatural weirdness and the breakup of his relationship with his love, lawyer Samuel Roberts decides he needs to move out of the house that holds too many memories.