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Saving Grace
Fagan Hutchins

Katie Connell felt she had a great life as a partner in a prestigious law firm. But after her parents sudden death in an “accident” in the Caribbean, she started drinking. Her brother, Collin and her paralegal, Emily thinks she needs a little time away.


A woman in a man's profession is bound to cause unrest, but when Callie O'Rourke becomes Fairmount's first woman firefighter,  this proves to be an understatement. Being the victim of a fire years earlier pushes her to strive for a career in saving lives and stirs the press into a frenzy.


SCI-FI:  Mass amounts of birds and fish are suddenly found dead in various places around the world. Gorillas and Emperor Penguins are the newest additions to the list and all are killed in the same unexplainable manor.

Ally Riviera's life is far from perfect. She's stuck in a not-so-good part of town, her family life is a true mess and her job is far from what she dreams of doing.

Captive Hero

TIME TRAVEL:  Captain Samantha can’t believe this happened to her. Time travel? It simply doesn’t exist! Too bad she actually experienced it.