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Swinging Bridge
Debra Shiveley

CNF:  This book is a collection of stories told in an epistolary style, using with diary entries, photos and poetry. This is a genre that InD’tale does not review. 

Puerto Rican jockey Victor Mendosa is about to be indicted for the felony murder of his brother, Roberto. It’s alleged that Victor caused his brother's death in a fixed horse race. Attorney Michael Knight represents Victor, and he has a personal stake in the outcome - Victor is his cousin.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  A summer fling….that’s all it is.  Both Eddy and Henrik have been burned in the past, and that is what they keep telling themselves. It can only be a fling. Eddy swears she is moving back to New York after staying a few months in Copenhagen. She has plans to start her own business with a friend, and those plans don’t include falling in love. Besides, love doesn't exist. 

Working with the horses at Roosevelt Ranch was a dream come true for Kelly Hamilton. However, sleeping with Rex Roosevelt wasn’t the smartest thing she’s ever done - especially when she finds herself out of a job and pregnant with Rex’s baby.

Where the Water Rages

Kimly Denim is an American journalist whose marriage is on the rocks. She is feeling unfulfilled in her job, and wants to be a greater asset as a person and make a difference in the world.