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Trusting Flight
Heather M.

The day after Cara married Lynn, he disappeared with no warning. For a year, she hears nothing from him or from anyone else as to his whereabouts. What she does get is a stalker who chases her from one home to another and even follows her to another state.

Thankful for Love

Quanna is putting herself through school, but she is working two jobs and still not making ends meet. She is also helping her mother take care of her disabled brother.  When Jack mentions at the nursing home that he is looking for a “kid wrangler”, Quanna knows this is her dream job.

PARANORMAL/ANTHOLOGY:  Meara and Kieran share the stories of their families as they swim Nova Scotia, then on to Scotland for their two wedding ceremonies.

Deadly Peril

Alec Halsey has sworn he would never set foot in Midanich again. Three years before, he barely escaped with his life, with the help of Margrave Leopold. He is reluctantly going back - this time on a rescue mission - because the insane new Margrave has captured his best friend Cosmo and Miss St.

ANTHOLOGY:  Cassie is happy with Matt until her friends tell her about their romantic fiancés. Then she is unhappy with what she has and is ready to give Matt up until she is shown that they have the real thing. Natalie loves Adam, but he breaks up with her after graduation.