Recent Reviews

FANTASY:  Lady Gwendolyn Toustain is a prisoner of Sir Caden Maignart, in a war between two noble houses that has spanned thirty years.  Despite being enemies, they cannot deny the attraction that has blossomed between them.

Kate English is perfectly happy with her life. She has a great job as legal counsel for her family firm, English & Company, her brothers and cousins are all happy, and she is in a sort-of relationship that could become something real.

Miller’s View

John Miller is a detective in the town of Hammond, Louisiana. Hammond is a small town, so when a body is discovered, it’s definitely unusual.  So is the fact that the citizens seem to be blocking him from conducting his investigation.

Cain Thaler, a 400 year-old demon, can’t believe that he has found his fated mate. After all this time, he finally knows who she is. True, the fact that she is Olivia Walden, a werewolf princess, does make things a bit complicated, what with the fact that werewolves frown on interspecies mating.

Losing the Ice (Ice #2)

NEW ADULT:  After the events of “Crossing the Ice”, the first installment of this series, Courtney and Josh are partners on and off the ice. Everything seems to be going well until their first competition, when Josh gets hurt.