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It's Christmas Eve and Eden is miserable as she thinks of her cheating ex-fiancé, the loss of her grant, and the quarrel with her mother. After drowning her sorrows in eggnog, she hunts for a Christmas tree, only to have one topple on her! As her guardian angel, Theliel has been saving Eden since she was born, except not in corporeal form which breaks all kinds of rules.

Lady Lijsbet Lambert accepts the position of manuscript illuminator in Duke Phillip of Burgundy's court, her natural father. After years as the mistress to a famous painter, Lady Lijsbet is determined to forge a new path. She is unsettled when a new overseer arrives.

It's 2004 and Marisol Herrera, blogging as Jerrika Jones, sees her blog on single motherhood take off, just as her own son is ready to leave the nest. When an invitation comes for her twentieth high school reunion, she decides to attend and show everyone that she's made something of herself. Russell "Rusty" Asher was the high school jock who married the most popular girl.

Annabelle Wallis was herself an orphan. Taken in and adopted by a kind herbalist, Mrs. Wallis, Annabelle has grown into a fine young woman. When a young, very pregnant, woman appears at her door, Annabelle helps with the delivery. Yet, the next morning, the woman is gone, leaving her new baby wrapped in a shawl.

Widowed Millie Farnsworth is active, independent, and pretty much set in her ways. Although she misses her late husband, she’s content. Hank Cason is Millie’s widowed neighbor who just happens to route his morning walk past Millie’s door. They were couple-friends when their spouses were alive and remain good friends now that they’re alone.