Too Grand For Words


Moira Viterra is down on her luck and down on herself.  A forty-something divorcee, Moira has no hope of having anyone special in her life.  Her career working with rough and gnarly seafaring men has kept her from practicing her feminine charms on the opposite sex. While on a getaway to Vegas, she meets Steven Porter, the billionaire playboy who took over Hollywood.  Steven has never felt for any woman what Moira makes him feel within a few short hours from across a gaming table.  Their heat is apparent from the start, but Moira knows that an average working-class woman couldn't possibly hold a man's interest for long, let alone one of the richest and most gorgeous men in North America. Steven doesn't agree.  He is fascinated by this shy and down to earth woman with a soft smile and a comfortable air...and he plans to keep her, no matter how much she resists him.

What a refreshing and multifaceted story this turned out to be!  Both protagonists are in their forties, with a half a lifetime of experiences behind them.  They find that those experiences can be both a help and a hindrance, but nothing overcomes the power of a deep and abiding love.  Moira fights Stephen for all she's worth but Stephen chases her like his life depends on it; and to him, it does.  His attraction to Moira is more than physical, and his complete devotion to her despite their social statuses was intense. Moira’s self-deprecation became a bit much and  there is a bit of melodrama along with some very sexy passion. Still, this is a fabulous debut novel from a promising new author!


Nicole Duke