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Max Logan is back in black . . . leather, that is. Shes over the death of her ex, Roger-the-Proctologist, and finally ready to move on.

When Marilou Dickson disappears after a blind date with an online acquaintance, its her Mah Jongg club partners who sound the alarm.

Fans of "Pride and Prejudice" will devour this regency romance, which is a variation on aforementioned novel. Mr. Bennet is a doctor, and is hired by Lady Catherine DeBourgh to take care of her ailing daughter, Anne.

Deciding Fate

Hunter Simms has had to overcome a lot of hardships in life; losing his parents as a teen and raising his younger brother and sister was just the beginning.  He had to make a lot of tough decisions and doesn

To Kiss a Rake

Melinda Starling must beware the consequences of what she chooses to do in life. Yet, she continues to buck convention, until finally it comes back to bite her fully on her derriere.

Miles Warren, the notorious Viscount Garrison has always said, “Be damned what others think.” Yet, deep down inside it gnaws at him that his reputation is so sullied.