A Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection

Sarah M. Eden, Heidi Ashworth Annette Lyon
Joyce DiPastena Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore

These six romantic shorts are deliciously crafted to allow the reader a visit to Ireland, England, Utah, and New York from as early as the 1100's to the early 1900's!  Each short takes the reader on a mini Christmas vacation to the past, its mystical beauty and imaginative romance. Whether it is a mystery, court or rough life of survival in the snowy cold that the reader may crave served up with a romance, he or she will not be disappointed--unless the reader longs for hundreds of pages for the romance to build and unwind. The heroines are genuine, the heroes surprising in the personalities that make them so passionate and tender.
Each author masters the art of romantic tension while giving attention to developing common bonds between heroine and hero. Though each is not equally gifted in both, the reader will find it difficult to choose a favorite from this mix. These ladies master the often daunting task of using few words to paint unique and satisfying stories.  One might find the editing somewhat in need of tweaking, largely due to Ms. Lyon's attention to making her co-author's work shine at the expense of her own, a shortage easily forgiven, especially for fans who know the personalities of these authors. In the end, this is a book one can share with family and friends with a generous heart knowing they will be well entertained!
Erin Murdock