Tender Touch


WESTERN:  Brianna Wight is running for her life, literally.  After three years of horrible abuse at the hands of her husband, Brianna has succeeded in faking her death and escaping.  Now she must find a way to St. Louis and her family before someone recognizes her and takes her back.


Inadvertently stumbling upon a lone woman hidden behind a dark veil being harassed by thugs, Columbus Nigh intervenes only to discover her to be the same woman he has been hired to take to St. Louis.  Although prickly and distant,  Brianna holds a quiet dignity that draws Columbus from the start.  There is something about her that draws him but as the danger mounts, she stubbornly refuses to allow him to help.  Torn between letting her deal with the danger her way - alone, and shaking her into submission, Columbus must decide if this woman is worth his heart.


From the first word on the first page, Ms. Raddon grabs the reader and never lets loose!  She deftly weaves emotions so tightly into the very fabric of this story that one can feel every hurt or tender feeling these two characters exhibit.  Even as Brianna’s character comes across as overly harsh and judgmental, and makes decisions one would like to slam the book for, one understands every why behind the acts.  Columubus’ reticence is also not only understood but truly felt.  With the exception of an odd, and uncharacteristic twist at the end, this one is an absolute must for Western fans!!


TJ Mackay