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Checkmate First Mate

Melanie Cramer is a unique woman who has holistic and mystic beliefs. She is content with her life and her computer business job that takes her around the world.

FANTASY:  Helen’s story begins with a bank robbery.  She is in a group of hostages being held by three men committing the crime.  One introduces himself to her as James before the police arrive and the hostages are safely rescued.  Helen thinks the horrible ordeal is finished until her police chief father informs her t

Nightly Visits

HORROR, SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  This is a collection of short stories where the unifying theme is dreams.  In “Glasswalker,” Krista is racing against the clock to get to an important meeting on time.  In “Red Socks,” Marie takes care of everyone except herself.  Steven’s big brother instills fear in him when they are kids

Calling You Home

WESTERN:  Jason and Mary grew up together and were high school sweethearts. When she got accepted to college in Chicago, she left Indiana for what Jason thought was going to be a better opportunity and a better life for her. Once she left, he made a life with her best friend Abby.

Deadly Bloodlines

Meredith Mason has been in a mental hospital in England for the last twenty years serving her time for committing 5 murders in the Cayman Islands. What others did not know is that she had her daughter help her dispose of the bodies.