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Betting on Kincade

WESTERN:  Dalton Kincade can't believe it.  He is barely home from the rodeo circuit and finds his old flame’s stepfather gambling away the ranch, stables, and house. He decides to take a chance on it and wins. It is a bittersweet win, because Cassie’s grandfather always said you could never trust a Kincade.

When Willow and Kyle Scott’s parents are killed in a car accident, Kyle gives up everything to raise fifteen year-old Willow. He is a student at Harvard when the tragedy occurs and Willow becomes the center of his world. Kyle then joins the MMA and begins cage fighting to make a living for the two of them. Now, Willow is twenty and in love with Kyle’s best friend, Regan.

There are rumors of treason at Rardove castle and Lady Katarina is behind it. The Queen is sending her inquisitor, Bertrand of Bridge, to make sure it is stopped and then the two are to be wed.

EPIC FANTASY:  A blonde girl is held prisoner in a sorcerer’s castle, where she is used in his ceremonies to create immortality for himself.

Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou

When German spies are tasked with destroying an American boat factory during World War II it’s up to a Mafia crime boss to help avert a disaster before it can happen.  From British spies living in Cuba, N