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Elizabeth’s Midnight

FANTASY:  Sixteen year-old Elizabeth Meyers lives a miserably unhappy life.  Overweight, teased and ridiculed, her only joy is in escaping to the nursing home where she reads to her beloved but catatonic grandmother.  That is, until her grandmother suddenly awakens and frantically insists that Eliz

Her Heart’s Surrender

oung Ealasaid’s childhood in Northumbria was a happy one... until the Vikings descended one night, raiding and ravishing their village.  Young Ealasaid is captured but not before stabbing a warrior in the arm and watching her father and friends killed.

After deplaning and hearing strange voice messages from her sister, Cynthia “Cyn” Arden is scared. Her sister doesn’t answer her phone calls and someone has been watching them. Cyn is ex-military and knows what monsters lurk in the dark; she has seen them up close and personal.

Second born of the three de Shera brothers, Maximus is pure warrior. Most men shudder in fear just hearing his name. Staunch supporter of Simon de Montfort’s political cause, he really doesn’t have time to think about women.


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Jade Richmond is a forty-two year old corporate executive on the fast track upward. Everyone thinks she has it all together, but what they don’t realize is that she is numb. Her life has no meaning, no emotion….until she meets Lucas Martinez.